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Which VR extension cable do you need for your headset?

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Virtual reality is an amazing new medium with heaps of potential for gaming, education, meditation, and communication. But while the technology develops we are restricted by certain elements of it. The length of the wires being a major one. Wireless options are available, but they're not cheap. Extending the cables, however, is relatively affordable, and an effective way to give you much more room to move while the headset is on, or extend its range from the PC it's attached to.

So, whether you’re looking for an Oculus Rift extension cable or you have an HTC Vive, or something else entirely, here's what VR extension cables you’ll need to have a flexible and enjoyable setup.

Here is a chart for quick reference: Most headsets will be perfectly paired with an active USB 3.0 Extension cable. An active DisplayPort extension cable is likely to work too if you own one of the 5 headsets utilizing DisplayPort. 

TOTU Oculus Quest 2 extension cable

Designed for Oculus Quest 2 and any devices which are suitable for the connection of other USB interface devices, TOTU VR cable's length is up to 16FT(5M) which allows you to play games freely and flexibly in a larger range of movement to get a better VR gaming experience. 

Its 90-Degree Right-Angle Design makes the connection between the cable for Oculus link and Oculus Quest tighter and more stable. It also allows you to charge while playing.